About me

Programmer, Analyst, Software Engineer, Web Designer, Team Leader, Project Manager, ISO Management Systems Manager …

All the above have been the professional roles I have had in the more than 20 years of my  career so far. I have been employed by companies big and small and I have worked for and / or managed projects for their clients, that include the European Space Agency, the Greek Parliament, the Greek Ministry of Agriculture, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, most of the Greek Banks (Alpha Bank, Eurobank, Piraeus Bank) and groups of companies in the food sector such as Nestle and Vivartia.

This experience provided me with a valuable understanding of many areas and types of business and the similarities and differences in the data they used and the ways they did / could benefit from their data. I have become quite capable in designing business processes and data structures and IT applications to assist and improve them. Furthermore, I have led and managed the teams that implemented them, put them in production and supported them.

My love for computers and programming began at 12, with home computers and the Basic programming language. After taking GCE A-Levels in Maths and Further Maths in Greece, I got a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Bradford and an MSc in Machine Perception and Neurocomputing from Keele University, with my MSc thesis on the “Classification of multi-spectral remote sensing data with neural networks” having contributed to my first publication.

All the above, i.e. my professional experience, my university education but mostly my strong interest in computers themselves but also in the way they can be utilized to turn data into useful information and provide solutions, is why I consider myself a Computer & Data Scientist.

Welcome to my site!